Edgar Allan Poe's grave since 1949. Poe's grave is located in the 200 year-old cemetery on the corner of Fayette and Greene in West Baltimore.

Hm. Interesting. x)
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♥Edgar Allan Poe is Raven love♥
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I made this color-bar for everyone in the community to use, if they wish.
The code is below, just take out the *'s.

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New Layout!

Yes! I have FINALLY fixed the layout! Isn't it wonderfull? I hope everyone likes it. On another note, please keep active, and post in the community. Also, I will soon be making advertisments, so you can post them in your journal to advertise the community.


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a new fan

Well, there's a new Poe fan in my house. My brother read the Tell Tale Heart for english, loved it, and has kidnapped my Poe volume and has been reading it non stop since (which is especially amazing because he really doesn't like to read much). Now my dad is the only one in our family who isn't hooked. It's awesome, and that's my happy news for the day.


As, you all know, I am the owner of this community... I'm looking for a co-moderator, to handle things when I don't feel like it. Lol. I also need someone to make a nice layout, for our lovely community. Post if you're interest in one or the other, or perhaps both.

And Welcome all new members!

~*~ Lizzie ~*~
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newbie here!


im new here and im a fan of edgar allan poe(of course).
I was searching to find a community dedicated to him and well i found this one.
I love his poems and stories
My favorite poem is: Alone and The Raven
and my favorite stories are: The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Telltale Heart.
well thats it

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i had the opportunity to visit the Poe museum in Richmond, VA recently. it was a very informative and fun experience. I noticed that the gift shop had a lot of items regarding The Gold Bug. Has this story always been so popular? I think it's a good read but i had no idea it was so well known.

Anyway, i was just curious. :)
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Another newbie. Bah humbug.

I am (of course) a great fan of Edgar Allan Poe, and its great to find a community of people who agree in simliar taste. Most recently I read 'Fall of the House of Usher.'
which is excellent albeit morbid, in the highest degree.

There is yet to be another writer like him.
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Hi everyone. Well obvously i'm new to the community so I sut wanted to introduce myself. 've enoyed reading Poe's work for amny years and I'm lookng foreward to dscussing his amazing writings with fellow fans.
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